I Just Woke Up From A Fuzzy Dream...

March 23rd, 2010

Last night I had an awesome goodnight sleep! To some this may seem "common", but for me, it rarely happens. I had my boyfriend over and I felt safe in his arms like I always do. There's something about him that makes me feel like I have everything I need and that the world could fall appart, and I will still be without a care in the world. I miss him already, but either way, as good as my sleep was, I had the weirdest dream.

So this is how it all went down... it all started with me and my boyfriend in this strange, yet familiar house. It seemed like a normal house. Not too big, not too small. Not a fancy kitchen, smelled like there was a cat. Just a normal house. Then, as I am standing in the kitchen having a conversation with my boyfriend, Madonna comes in. It's her house! (I KNOW!) Crazy huh? Well, the weird part is that even in my dream I asked myself, "Madonna, what are you doing in my dream?". It made no sense, seriously. Madonna? I wasn't even thinking about her or listening to her music that day. You know when you spend the whole day thinking about something and you end up dreaming about it at night? Well, I have no idea why the heck I would dream about that.

As I was standing in the kitchen, I remember just talking about the fact that she was there and this was her house, but she didn't seem to notice us. Like we were invisible. I woke up thinking about that. Weird dream! Uffff…So I thought to myself, "weird dream, weird day". It hasn't been weird for the most part. I woke up early because my boyfriend had to leave early to go back home. As he left, I told myself that this time I wouldn't be left with that feeling that I get whenever he leaves or I leave. I still felt it, and it sucks equally as much every time it happens, but I guess that's what happens when you love someone and inevitably miss them just as much. Yes! I will talk about this today after nine months of being together.

We met almost a year ago. It was at this venue that I love to go see local bands at. All I could remember is that we didn't talk, he just stared, and for some reason, I didn't find it weird. I found it mysterious. I go a lot by first impressions, but not in a judgmental way. I just think that you can observe a lot about a person in the first fifteen minutes of being around each other, and I just thought he was shy. I was right, well kinda...Two months went by and I had actually forgotten about that night, until we saw each other again. I have to admit, it was the eyes…Ohhh those eyes! It's like he stares into my soul. As the night went on, we talked about absolutely everything we could possibly talk about, and after that first kiss, I knew I wanted to hold on to him. I felt like I had something special. I mean, any guy that talks to me for more than six hours and doesn't fall asleep, is a keeper.

Now, nine months later, after meeting his parents, surviving him being on tour, long hours talking on the phone, being apart for weeks and all of the ups and downs, I can say that I still feel like that first day that he laid eyes on me and I laid eyes on him. I still feel like that girl in love. More than anything, I feel like it has gotten deeper, stronger. Not only that, but it has actually made me stronger. Being away from someone you love so much can be hard, lonely, but he's never failed me. He's never neglected me, and not a day goes by that I don't feel closer to him. Yes, I do get this weird feeling when he leaves, but I know that he's there somehow with me, never away. I will admit that I am in love, and for the first time, it feels real!

Until Then...

I take that back. I am having a weird day…but it's the good kind of weird!

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