'Cause You Can't Jump the Track, We're Like Cars On A Cable...

March 17th, 2010

There's this noise in the back of my bedroom wall that's killing my brain cells one by one just about now,  so I decided to put them to good use before they get destroyed. Truth is, that noise come and goes. Some days it's there, others it disappears, but it always seems to come back at the most inconvenient of moments. Anywho...I haven't written in a while, at least not here, but that's always the case with me, I'm not a very consistent person. At least I've always prided myself in that. Now, as I am a bit older, it doesn't really sound like something I should be proud of.

Yeah, I've been thinking about that. I know I'm kind of a "flake", or "free spirit" or whatever you wanna call it, that I never stick to one thing. I know, well, it's been eating my brain to tell you the truth and I'm sick and tired of it. Now, I'll call myself a "wanderer". I'm just floating through life, from one end to the other, without a care and living in the now. Ok, I'm getting tired just talking about this.

So it's about 12:30 a.m. which means my bed time is fast approaching and my head starts running wild. I'm feeling quite well these days. I spent the first two months of 2010 very ill with bronchitis. I felt so crappy that I was afraid of falling asleep and thinking my asthma would stab me in the back. Thankfully, I am much better now. I did notice how being sick can really affect your mood. Mine was a disaster. It felt like I was PMS'ing (Is that even a word?) for two months. My poor boyfriend must have thought I had either gone clinically insane or paranoid, but he stuck with me through it all. A true pro! That's the update.

Other than trying a new restaurant for brunch, talking with new people and having a sip of Guiness (which is awful by the way), not much has happened. I guess now I'm just getting back on track with my life, enjoying the new weather and my boyfriend who makes me smile on a daily basis. 

Until Then!

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