There's Caos In This Discord

March 21st, 2013


Having my routine coffee this morning, I stumbled upon this wonderful little bit of knowledge that I felt the need to share. I found this fascinating- mostly because it’s true. (Even though 90% of the population might disagree with me.)

I always prided myself on being as independent as I can be. Being your own person and realizing that you belong to yourself, are two of the most freeing thoughts one can live by. So much so, that it can change the entire course of your existence.

As we get older- we move from one thing to the next, one job to the next, one home to the next, one relationship to the next- and we do this without realizing how we grow attached to things, places, and people. We keep riding this wave we call life without any concern of what this could be doing to us. But out of everything that one can become attached to- perhaps the most detrimental- is becoming attached to another person.

Many people- especially women- fancy themselves as “independent”. Thinking that This must be it, He's the one, I will fight for this…It’s kind of a sad thought. (I unfortunately lost myself once.) Eventually it all comes to a halt; a moment that you and your relationship are tested, and to not sacrifice your relationship- in turn- you sacrifice yourself. If you are reading this and this is a tune you know, I am sorry to tell you that it is not going to end well. (And this can apply to any relationship.)

But there is still hope…hope that you will become the independent person you already should be. Someone whose happiness does not- by any means- depend on others. Someone who is complete. Someone who is well aware of who they are, and who they want to be. So don’t think of it as being "unattached" (as there is no such thing in basic human emotion); think of it as someone who looks at everything and everyone around you as a part of you.

Better look around- if you don’t like what you see- change it.

Until Then...

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