But It's A New Day, Don't You Know?

March 22nd, 2013

I just recently read "30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She's 30" by Pamela Remond Satran & the Editors of Glamour magazine. I just so happened to stumble upon it while browsing for books at Barnes & Noble. And like every single trip to the book store, you never leave with just one.

The book is simply fabulous. It's based on a column that Glamour magazine did back in the 1990's, and the list became somewhat of a cult classic and a guide for all women. Being that I was about to turn 29, the book caught my eye, and so I read it from cover to cover in one rainy, scotch drinking night. (I only had two...No Judging!) After I read it, I quickly realized that I was right on track to enter the fabulous 30's.

Today as I was browsing one of my favorite sites's, I found this list and absolutely agree with it 100%...and so I thought I should share the wealth. Here is the full list:

Source: MSN

1. That when he doesn't call back, it's not because he didn't get the message.
2. That there's a difference between love and lust.
3. That sometimes sleeping in (and sleeping alone) is the ultimate luxury.
4. How to strike up a conversation with a handsome stranger.
5. How to get ready to go out in less than 20 minutes.
6. That the dishes can wait. (But not forever.)
7. That time really does move faster as you get older.
8. How to prepare at least one dish that doesn't require a microwave.
9. How to dine out alone—and truly enjoy it.
10. How to change your oil. (Or just the fact that your oil needs changing.)
11. How to live without a credit card.
12. How to ask for a raise.
13. How to respond if you don't get one.
14. How to make the most of your vacation days.
15. How to sign up for a cell-phone plan/pick a data package/buy a car without getting fleeced.
16. What a retirement plan is, and how to make sure you're setting aside enough.
17. Your drink of choice.
18. Your alcohol limit.
19. That sometimes nothing feels as good as being carded.
20. How to tell a couple good, non-dirty jokes. (You never know when you'll need an icebreaker.)
21. That a good friend will forgive you if you forget her birthday.
22. How to put someone else first.
23. How to agree to disagree—and really mean it.
24. That your family baggage is too heavy to keep carrying around.
25. That staying out of the sun really is the best anti-aging advice.
26. That certain fashion trends aren't worth trying… ever. (Harem pants, we're looking at you.)
27. That you're either a person who can wear bangs, or you're not.
28. That making timelines for your life is really generally a waste of time.
29. That changing your mind doesn't mean you're inconsistent: It just means you're smart enough to know that our views and opinions evolve.
30. That someone will always be prettier or younger or smarter or more successful. But no one else will ever be quite the same combination of those things that you are.
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