What A Night For A Dance, Yeah You Know I'm A Dancing Machine...

March 11th, 2012

I will start this post by saying that I am old. I mean, right about now I'm feeling like I am maybe, hmmmmmmmmm, 65. I'm pretty sure this is what 65 feels like. Yes! This is it: like crap.

In an effort to socialize and hang out with a lovely friend, I decided to go out last night. I mean, where's the harm in that? I go out, grab a table at this place, eat, have a few drinks, have great conversation and listen to live music. It sounds like my idea of a fun night! Well, you would think that, except we forgot one minor detail: its Spring Break. (*Sigh). Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun. But it also made me realize that it's been a long time since 22.

I started the night just like any other night: I got excited, picked an outfit, make up and hair, jewelry and to top it off, a splash of Chanel. I didn't really feel like going out, but being that I just dyed my hair, it made for an excellent excuse (don't you think?). Anywayssss, back to the story (talk in circles)- as we made our way into the place, I noticed there was a bigger crowd than I expected. I immediately turned to ask my boyfriend, What's going on? Which, with a baffled look on his face, he politely answered, Baby it's Spring Break! (*Grunt). In my head, I decided to make the best of it. (My body didn't).

As the night continued, more and more people got there. I was by myself for a good hour, so I ordered a margarita and sat down to people watch (my favorite hobby at bars). My observations? Why yes, here they are:
  • Girls seem to have lost their inhibitions in this generation. It's really just missing from their genes.
  • People should not fist pump in public.
  • Playing air guitar or pretending that you are playing an instrument as you sing along and dance is a major NO NO.
  • You should really not follow trends, but wear what looks good on your body. 
  • Some people really should not dance in public.
  • Some people really should not go out in public.
  • Singing a song really loud that you don't know the lyrics to make you look like a dumbass.
  • Getting up on stage and dancing next to the band = LAME.
  • Resolving situations by yelling, SHOTS!!!
  • Hitting on women who are obviously way above you in every aspect of life.
I really hope I didn't look that stupid when I was in college. Truth is, I've always loved music, so I would always be that girl standing in front of the band (who usually were my friends) singing and dancing (properly) with my girlfriends. We never offended anyone, crossed the line or acted like whores. We simply just enjoyed each other's company and at the end of the night, we would always have new stories to share. 

As I look back today on last night's events, it really makes me happy to know that I lived that "college experience" that everyone should really have: I stayed up 'till the Sun came up, smoked, drank, danced, did sleep overs, ate at Denny's at 3 am, got my friends into trouble, picked up guy's numbers and never called them, etc. BUT, as much as I loved that experience, 7 years later I am looking forward to going into my 30's in 2 years. Every woman that I know who's lived through them tell me they are the best years a woman could have. So I'm looking forward to seeing what all the fuzz is about. 

Until Then...
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