Baby Let's Drive Away To Malibu

May 8th, 2013

Just got back from California, and let me tell you...I did not want to leave. What an amazing place! Everyone's minding their own business, happy being themselves. They dress how they want, talk like they want, and it is trully a city for trendsetting. I love that I could just be me and not have people look at me up and down like I am some sort of an alien. (Can you say Florida?)

I think I also saw the most beautiful sunset, and rise of a super moon...epic! I visited Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, Pacific Palisides, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu. There are a ton of pictures, but here are some highlights:

Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles

Dume Point, Malibu

Piano Bar

Until Then...
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